Saturday, February 27, 2010



Reading this weekend USA Today, I sense a general feeling of depression. First, there was Joseph Stack who took aggresion to the government. Then there is Obama, who after being reminded by McCain of his campaign promise said that "The election's over". Also, there is Andrew Koenig, who apparently committed suicide after a long bout of depression. Then there is Otis McDonald of Chicago who fears of his life, and yet forbidden to carry a handgun in his home.

And let's not mention how stock market goes flat due to lack luster recovery. Jobs aren't up. Neither is spending.

Hurry up, President Obama, and give us the change you promised on the campaign trail! Health Care is important, but jobs is much more so.

I know that we are in trouble when hotels resort to advertising hauntings, ghosts, and other paranormal activities as tourist draw.

That's all in front page of USA Today newspaper Feb 26-28 weekend edition, and the fact that the page is dominated by Billy Demong's triumphant pose doesn't stop all this depressing going ons.

So much depressions, in fact, that Tilikum, the Orca Killer Whale of SeaWorld, decided to drag a trainer underwater to teach her a lesson, and Trainer Dawn Brancheau drowned.

I don't know about you, but I definitely seeing the after effects on people around me. One driver decided to retire due to insensitive treatments from his manager.


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