Friday, November 14, 2008

6 minutes clothes washing


I saw this old clip how 1900 washer washes clothes automatically, in just six minutes using nothing more than 50 pounds of water pressure. Amazing, eh? There are models with hand crank and electric, too. Kind of make you wonder what Maytag and GE was thinking when they set the timer washer for 30 minutes.

All it does is some slates in a tub going back and forth in some soapy water. Imagine! No more washboards! No more premature clothes wear! Cleaner clothes in just six minutes!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

KFC Original Recipe Fully Loaded Box Meal


I can't help it. Blame it on consumerism. That box meal with clever artwork did it for me. Good meal.

It was too much in one sitting, though. There was original piece thigh, chicken sandwich, 2 chicken strips, biscuit, and two sides. I didn't finish it all. Good fow two people, or at least 1 1/2. Too bad there's no toy in it.

I also ate Fried Rice at Taste of Thai in Quincy, IL. It was terrific! I ate every bite very, very quickly. The food tasted great. The server reasonably polite, and suitably apologetic when the meal delivered late due to large party at the back of the restaurant. Pleasant experience overall with plenty of wwoodcarvings all over the place. Make sure to ask them which is the men's room and which is women's, since there's no letterings on the door, just cultural specific signs on the doors.