Saturday, February 28, 2009

February is wasted


I don't know what's going on anymore. January was pretty good. Come February, though, it seems like time is frozen in partway in January. I got sick and the ceiling collapse has something to do with it, but it is kind of hard to believe it took all of February. I'm looking at my Journal, and it is still stuck in January. The only stuff in February is what I put in January. Now March is here. I see a lot of catching up to do. I wonder how everybody else is doing, whether or not they realize productivity is down or business as usual. I started seeing a lot of non-accomplishment by other people. I wonder if they care?

I did accomplish something. I managed to complete the shooting range in Silent Scope game. Then it leads me to believe that maybe I can finish the main game, too. I like the one in Colby, KS. I also saw a Korean version of it. I don't like that one. Too touchy!

I also some fires down a farm in Texas. I also put in some pics from Tulsa OK turnpike.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nielsen rating


The trouble with being on the road all the time is that I don't get to check the mail too often. This particular run has been extremely long and hard, and got me sick. So, I got home, and what do I see? A big hole on the ceiling due to water seepage from upstair neighbor. Ended up moving quite a bit of stuff to make room for the repair man.

Also, I found out in the mail that Nielsen, that TV survey, send me 2 dollars to get my opinion of current TV program. It was due on Jan 27th. What can I say? Late. I was late on apartment rent and credit card bills, too.

Anyway, I put in my answer that I don't have TV, that I think current programming is totally unsatisfactory, that I only watch news on TV.

I do watch movies, though. I recently completed watching the Neon Genesis Evangelion. I don't know what's special about it. It does feature heavy psychological and biblical issues, which a lot of people find interesting. I was watching the episodes, and can't help but think that they run out of money at the end. Turns out, that is the case. The set has 4 director's cut episode, which delved into further details. But missing is the event between episode 24 and 25, which is where Nerv HQ got attacked.

That missing thing is featured in the movie, The End of Evangeliom, Death and Rebirth. I get kind of upset, since I specifically asked for the complete version. Apparently, there are 2 different companies that released this. So, I wonder where I can get that movie? I'm also hunting Lucky Star episodes. Got episode 1-4. Waiting for 5 to come out. I also saw Nadia, secret of Blue Water collection box. I may get those, too.