Saturday, January 31, 2009



Kind of hard to believe I still don't know the difference between groundhog, prairie dog, and gopher. Critter Gitter is what I call them. Certainly looks like rabbit holes to me. I do know they're not rabbits.

Ford Woodhaven Plant


I was going on I75 Northbound in Michigan. All the signs say use I75 for Bridge to Canada. I guess Windsor is just across the river. Didn't realize it at the time. Anyway, I saw this huge building with a Ford logo on the side. The front building says Woodhaven Stamping Plant. The place was definitely on the massive scale. I guess I now know where those billions went. I wonder if they allow a tour inside?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

China Garden Moberly MO


Had a buffet in China Garden Moberly, MO. Very nice place, and friendly people! The prices are rather cheap too. They're open New Year's Day, as well as Christmas. I should stop here more often!