Tuesday, June 3, 2008



It kind of annoys me that I rarely use my computer anymore. I use it for email and that's it. Still, I do design programs from time to time. I just don't type them in.

Anyway, I visited California this past weekend, and I don't really enjoy it. Not this time. Too smoky! I don't believe that was caused by smog either. Maybe fires somewhere. Seems a lot of it lately.

The drivers are insane! Well some of them anyway. At the worst point, I actually saw an SUV that pass on the right on the slow lane for trucks! This where the regular lane is 3 lanes! Why can't he wait a few seconds to pass on the left? Stupid, crazy and very reckless!

I noticed that most crazy drives either drives big SUV or pickup truck. Bunch of poser losers who can't drive decided to get big gas guzzler as personal portable missile. I'd like to see these drivers being prosecuted and be put on 50cc scooter for transport. That'll teach them.

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