Monday, September 8, 2008

Hybrid car


Honda has a new hybrid Insight out. It uses hydrogen fuel cell instead of hydrogen combustion. Pretty neat technology. Honda also makes a home-based hydrogen generator. Makes your own fuel so to speak.

The question is: where do you get hydrogen? Natural gas source emits CO2. Water is clean, but not if the electricity comes from coal burning power plant. Do you care? Did you check? I think it's a trick to say that coal burning is clean because the end result, hydrogen, is clean. I'd like to see a few more windmills and solarcells out. Is there any reason why we can't cover parking spaces with solar cells?

Speaking of hybrids, they're not really that efficient. All the extra power comes from smaller more efficient engines, regenerative braking, and lighter weight. What is desired would be a vehicle that runs on solar and wind. Iceland has these sailing land yatch, and I can't see any reason why Australia can't be the same.

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