Thursday, January 21, 2010

Movie Rating and Professional Quality Products


Looking at the movie scores from Critics (Professional reviewers) and User (Movie goers), I see that the Critics consistency score popular and good movies much lower than Users. Are we approaching the end of information era that professionals don't know what they're doing? I mean, what if come 2012 we can no longer trust our bankers and investment managers? Can you imagine what would happen? Oh, wait. We just had that last year.

But it seems I'm echoing more and more JFK's sentiment: "How can I be so foolish as to trust the experts!"

Looking at recent crop of games, what do I see? No level select. No difficulty select. No turning off annoying music. No control customization. No working shoulder button (Nintendo DSi, I'm talking to you!). You know. Things that were standard just a few years back. What happened? What's next? Leaving credits on who work on what parts off the programs?

I dreadfully await 2012. Prognosis is NOT good.

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