Thursday, December 2, 2010

Setting goal


It never cease to amaze me that people sometimes would stumble at the most basic thing. The most important thing in life is happiness. The question is: what would make you happy?

Life is too short to be spent on a job you don't enjoy. So, the obvius question is: what do you like, and how do you make that into your job?

Sometimes the answer is: no one will offer me that kind of job. If that is so, then go the self-employed route! No one is stopping you.

The thing is, people would fail at the most basic step: setting goal.

When I ask people what they want, most people would say that they want to be rich. But there they stop. It is up to me to ask them: at what income level do they consider being rich? Some people make $150 K per year, but want $300 K per year to be rich. Others will be happy with $30 K if they don't have to work for it.

So the goal to be "rich", isn't a good goal. A better one would be "30,000 per year in passive income." or "a salary $300,000 per year or more." A good goal is objective, not subjective.

That way, you can make plans on how to achieve it. The goal $300K per year cannot be achieved by working low wage companies as servers, stock boy, or janitor. But you can make that amount by working as CEO, or stock traders of said companies. See how concrete goal making clarifies things?

There is an advice that I give people who is empowered, yet not happy:
1. Make plan
2. Do plan
3. God Bless You!

It's that simple, and it begins with setting a good goal.

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Simpleton Geek said...

A good goal:
1. Lets you plan on how to achieve it
2. Will let you know if you achieve it
3. Will make you happy when you achieve it