Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mouse over pop up ads


I hate these mouse over pop up ads. The kind that basically renders the whole web page useless because your mouse pointer passes over an ad. That's right. No clicking necessary. It won't be too long before some crazy admen decided to just collect info from cookies, and automatically place an order for you, just because they know you can't live with their marvelous product. This is insane!

Anything that pop up unbidden is wrong. Even this blogger, there was a notification that basically says 5 new dynamic views! Hogwash! I don't care about that! You should put that up as announcement, certainly, but never as pop-up.

I don't care how clever it makes you feel. You're not clever for using DHTML, okay? It's a well-known old trick. What is true is that you just rudely interrupted my session. Some of these ads even goes so far as to show video! There goes my bandwidth. How dare you take my precious bandwidth without my consent? That is illegal!

I'm going to boycott any website that shows this unbidden ad. I hope you do, too. If this goes on, who knows when we're going to get any work done on the internet? Already a lot of the sites I go to are sluggish, and getting even more so by the day. Considering that a lot of that are unbidden ads, you're encouraging these people to steal your bandwidth, time, and money away from you.

There is a reason why pop-up blockers are extremely common. Can't you at least consider that?
Sheesh. Kids these days are so spoiled.

In the meantime, I'll be changing my hosts file and point these websites to oblivion.

Remember: There is no place like localhost

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Simpleton Geek said...

Speaking of which, one of my site has a bug that kept refreshing the ads, on the login page. Needless to say, I cannot log on. It has been a week. I wonder if the people on the site has any idea that some people cannot logon to the site and fix them?