Thursday, October 25, 2012

Request for Nintendo (update)

Speaking of update, I did have request from August 8, 2010:

I do have some requests, assuming Nintendo is listening:
1. I want to watch movies on the device. Can you please provide official alternative other than Moonshell homebrew? Especially since you sue homebrew device out of existence.
2. I want a decent paint program, like Colors! homebrew. Arts Academy is fine, but a full fledge paint program will work great with portable mobile printer.
3. Family BASIC, or any kind of BASIC interpreter out there. WarioWare DIY is excellent, and I love it. But I have more imagination than what that program can handle.
4. Animation Studio. Excuse me. Please make that _3D_ Animation Studio. :) Or alternatively, VRML.
5. Some kind of wordprocessor, spreadsheet not a bad idea. Even if it's on the level of MS Windows CE kind.
6. And as long as I'm dreaming: Idol Master 3D, and Love Plus!

And now, here it is with Nintendo 3DS:
1. Watch movies: Yes! With NetFlix and Nintendo Video. Too bad YouTube isn't doable. But you do have the option to create your own movies up to 10 minutes at a time. 
2. Paint Program: They nailed it perfectly with Colors! 3D. A new Art Academy is available, too!  Mobile Printer? They allow image upload with their browser. Perfect! Can't ask better than that! Thank you Nintendo!
3. Family BASIC: Yes! With Petit Computer and Smile Basic. It is everything I want! Thank you SmileBoom. Okay, so this one is for DSi, instead of 3DS, but hey, it's compatible!
4. Animation Studio: Still waiting. They promised FlipNote 3D, but it has been a long time. SwapNote is nice, though, but I really want a good animation program. Inchworm Animation is great, but lacking memory and storage space. Could be better.
5. Not yet. The lack of a good keyboard is a killer. I think that if Pokemon Bluetooth keyboard catches on, it is doable, but as of right now? Nope.
6. Idol Master? Nope. Which is too bad, but they do have some singing programs out there. And recently there is a Blackjack game that is similar to Love Plus Light. The reviewers missed the point of the game. But I have to say that this one is a definite Yes!

Four out of six isn't bad. It's great! 

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