Sunday, January 20, 2013


I have been rather busy taking care of New Year stuff, but now I finally caught up. For the next few weeks, expect some reviews to come in. I'm also working on Zombie Apocalypse Pack (ZAP), a bug out bag to take in case, you know, there's some Zombie outbreak somewhere. In terms of projects, Petit Computer has the priority. I need to finish up these projects so I can get back to Small Basic. Small Basic isn't perfect. I prefer Processing, myself. But Small Basic is one of those projects that deserve support.

My next Petit Computer project will be virtual keyboard. That is very useful, since all other projects will use it. I'm thinking of doing a multipart project on it, simply because I am so busy! Biting more than I can chew, really. Stock market and PPH (Personal Productivity Hour) projects are two that I want to finish ASAP as those will really boost my productivity.

There may be Pathfinding project in the future, but that one is so convoluted that not only it will be multi-part, but also waiting for some level editor to be finished. Speaking of level editor, I'm thinking of writing a level editor for RPG games. That one should be fun. And since I did Turtle Logo in one hour using Small Basic, maybe I should do something similar to that in Petit Computer.

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