Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Question of Priorities

Where will I spent most of my time on?

I am always perpetually short on time. As much as I want to, I did not pick up the latest Pokemon game out there. I still haven't touched Pokemon Black/White even though I have it. There's plenty of games out there that I want to play, but do not have time for. So the question is, what do I do with my time?

"Be fruitful and multiply"

That has been the guiding words ever since the beginning. There are currently 3 different activities that I do that occupies most of my time:

1. Nintendo Life's Petit Computer forum
2. Simpleton Geek's blog
3. Nanowrimo

In the past, I have spent the majority of my time growing Petit Computer community in Nintendo Life's forum, and it shows. It went from so-so gathering to getting a lot of people from other groups. Of course, I spent a lot of time in nurturing the community, and for the most part, it works. That is, until recently.

A couple jerks came into the board, and it's like every time they post something, it's either spam, false claim, or general whinings. There's no substance to the post. The moderator was asked, "Don't you get tired dealings with petty people?" The answer was, "Yes, but what can you do?"

I can think of a few things to do with them, but as I am not moderator, that's not my problem, is it? My problem is that I'm seeing the community that I've worked so hard for being turned into irrelevancy by some whiny kids. Ouch, in a big way.

A lot of good people has curtailed their activities there, and so will I. The truth is, I just don't see any future there at all. When sinful people go to Heaven, they'll just turn it into Hell.

So, I have been very active in my blog. The newly designed Simpleton Geek blog is very nice. It still has too wide of a subject. I still can't believe I actually put cooking in there. It should've been making/crafting. Oh, well. We'll see how this will turn out. There's quite a bit of Raspberry Pi posting, and in truth, I'm just barely scratching the surface. I think a whole blog dedicated to just Raspberry Pi would have been justified. It's just that I think Petit Computer needs a good place and there's no other place like it on the Internet.

Finally, my Nanowrimo project. It has been no secret that I dream of being a writer. In fact, my goal is to be a published writer this year. Thank God for technology. Self-published is a viable goal at this time. Like any Nanowrimo, I will put it into priority, ahead of everything else. It's too bad I started out late.

I got started on Nanowrimo on Friday. I went into a meeting on Panera Bread. After a few Write Wars, I managed to scrape by 2700 words or so. That's not bad for a couple hours. Still, I'm hoping to get 5000-10000 words per day, so I have a long way to go.

The subject of Nanowrimo? Petit Computer. I'm imagining how it would be like if students are being taught computer programming using Petit Computer. With Nintendo being perceived as "gaming" device, and Basic being perceived as "brain damage inducing", there's no way current educational system will pick it up. I think that Petit Computer is the perfect way to introduce students, especially young students, to the joys of computer programming.

Yes, computer programming can be fun. Not that people want to read stories on how everything is just peachy, so I'll be putting in some pain into the situations. Purely intellectual sense, since I don't believe in physical torture in my stories.

So, Nanowrimo first. Blog second, and maybe forum.

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