Friday, December 7, 2007

A New Beginning


Sometimes the hardest thing is to start. What if you one day wake up and realize that you hate your job, your life, and your future? What if you dream of a good life out there? I think the hardest thing to do is to start fresh.

Think about it: no matter how bad your job is, at least you have it. At least you have a secure income. At least, even if you are miserable in your current job, you still have it. You still make money and pay the bills.

And yet, you are miserable in your job. My attitude is different. I think life is too short to be spent on a job you don't enjoy. Even if everybody thinks your job is great, if you disagree, then change your job. I had a string of unsatisfactory jobs. However, as soon as I paid off my loans and put some attitude money, I quit those jobs. I also took my time in finding a good job. It took a month, but I think I've found it. My stress level is way down. I think it's worth it to pursue a job you love without regards of monetary rewards. If the job is something you truly love, and it's a good job, then the money will take care of itself.

Sometimes it's hard to start over completely without a safety net. Charles Boorman found out that he wanted to be a motorcycle racer, but found out too late and now he's too old to do it. I say that if he really wants to race, he would have. How old was Steve McQueen when he raced? Jay Leno?

There are many reasons not to act on a dangerous endeavor, but old age is not among them. Helio Gracie still does Jujitsu. Richard Brandon still goes adventuring. Sir Richard Harris does it til the end and so do so many masters. Even if you can't possibly be number one, that no reason to quit or not to start. Do the thing you love, and the money will ttake care of itself.

Yesterday was my birthday. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Today, I will begin anew, with the wisdom that I have of my past life.

So the big question is: What do I do now?

Since I was safety concious in the past, maybe it's time to start living dangerously. Well, a little teeny tiny little bit more. :) When it comes to danger, always be prudent and minimize risk. But with the new comes the unknown. With the unknown comes the risk. With the risk comes danger. You can't have the new without the danger. So be brave and face the whole new world!

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