Sunday, December 16, 2007

A snowy day

A nice cold day is best met with hot chocolate in a warm bed, and that's just what I did! I'm not feeling particularly energetic this morning although that's changed once I took some showers. I realize that maybe I should put more entries in my blog, but travelling all the time does have its disadvantages. Kept running low on phone batteries for one. I should get me one of those extended battery pack.

Winter driving is a lot riskier than normal. I saw no less than 7 cars all piled up half hour after it starts snowing. 3 big trucks are out as well. Having my truck dancing on ice once it hits 65 mph made me realize the importance of staying out of cruise control. But please don't drive 25 mph on freeway if you can't help it. That's just plain dangerous for everybody. It shows either you're not ready or your car is not ready or both. About the only time I drove 15 mph on freeway is when the snow covers everything so the I can't tell where the road is, except by the grating sound my tires make when it's off the road. Of course I pulled over as soon as possible!

So, enjoy the snow. Relax and be safe!

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