Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Airplane on ceiling


I was at Kansas Turnpike Travel Plaza at mile marker 65. I was surprised to have looked up and saw a real airplane, a biplane, hooked up on a slanting wall up to the ceiling. My first though was: an airplane!? INSIDE a hallway!? How can that fit?

It was a real airplane as far as I can see. It was made out of aluminum. After staring at it open mouthed for some time, I finally looked down to the bottom portion on the wall, and there was an explanation that Kansas has great aviation industries including Boeing and Lear Jet, thanks to mostly flat and straight nature of the state.

The plane that I saw was a popular homemade kit biplane with 65 hp engine. The wingspan is merely 18 feet! No wonder it fit inside there.

Hey, do you think I could build one just like it? Nothing more than a few aluminum tubing, aluminum siding, and a few rivets, right?

Maybe I should get me a pilot's license. My car's engine put out 106 hp and it's cheap.

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