Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cherokee Nation


I am not sure whether I did something bad today or not, but I can tell you that I do feel the sort of guilty pleasure feeling that you'd feel when you do something irresponsible yet fun. What I did today was that I ate a Buffalo, a state animal in Oklahoma.

Okay, not a whole buffalo, just a little meat patties. I like it very much. Leaner than the usual beef patties. I can't help but think that people prefer juicy meat, yet here I am eating, and liking lean cut of meat. Of course, I like chicken as well. Overall, I was impressed. The price was $10 for breakfast deal, but unlike Tokyo Joe's Salmon meal, this features more meat and food. So the price is relatively cheap for exotic meat.

I decided to walk around the back and see exactly what kind of animal I was eating. I guess I should have done that before I ate the meat. Not a big animal that I see. I hope I'm not thinning buffalo population unnecessarily. I wonder, though, why cows are prevalent. Buffaloes are native to these lands, yet people chose to cultivate cows, instead of buffaloes. What a great waste that was.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. So, if you come by Oklahoma I40 exit 108, be sure to stop by here and see the buffaloes. Better than Chester Chicken on west side, not that I have anything against chicken. It's just that seeing the live animal in a pen out back does make it a fuller experience, and at least in my case, appreciative to what I ate.

Oh, about the guilty pleasure feeling? I like it so much that maybe I should throw away any notion of eating state animal and do it again! Now, about that bald eagle creature. I wonder if they have that as a menu item. >8)

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