Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eat much food...FREE!


I saw this at Petro Truck Stop. I think that's wrong, though. We're talking about the whole meal, here. I know the Big Texan in Amarrillo does the 72oz steak challenge, but they don't require you to eat the whole meal, just the steak. Looking at the picture, the meal here is quite large, indeed.

I wonder how many calories is in the whole meal. I don't feel like digesting 3 days worth of calories in one sitting, do you?

The biggest problem, though, is not the wanton gluttony, but safety. Is there no one involved in the program capable of seeing the danger? Anybody can eat humongous amount of meal, if they eat quick enough. And there in lies the problem.

Choking danger notwithstanding, you really do need to train your stomach. There was a TV show showcasing 1000 ways to die, and one segment deals with overeating. The stomach actually burst! The resulting poisoning effect killed the woman.

I think that 72oz steak is one thing, but 72oz steak plus generous helpings of salad, biscuits, and other goodies pictured is plain criminal. There's actual danger of dying, here, instead of just being fat.

I think the program organizer actually are scared that too many people can pass on the challenge, but ignoring the possibility of stomach exploding due to too much food is criminal, IMO.

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