Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nintendo DSi wares


I finally managed to get Nintendo Internet connection to work. The way I did it is by setting the parameters manually.

First, I connected via my laptop, noting the network parameters. Then I entered the data into NDSi settings. And then comes the tricky part: I turned off the laptop's Wifi and connect the DSi network immediately. It worked! The reason I did it immediately and without shutting down the network is so that the connection is still up and the DSi simply took over existing connection, rather than establishing new one.

Later on, I did change the setting for automatic IP address generation. It still works, to my amazement. So, I need to experiment with it a little bit more.

I downloaded Opera browser. It really works! Unfortunately, Megatokyo online comic (www.megatokyo.com) has blurred fonts, making it illegible. Freefall (freefall.purrsia.com) however, works fine. No Javascript, but I'm okay with that. Web based mail is so slow! I hope there would be a mail client soon. Usenet newsreader would be nice, also. Can I dream about Google Docs?

Two programs I downloaded. WarioWare: Snapped! and Mixed Messages.

Nintendo's WarioWare Snapped is an excellent program showcasing DSi capabilities. It is an excellent party game, perfect to showcase the new DSi. You'll have fun looking at all the goofy expressions as you try to act out the game in front of DSi camera! Try it out on your friends!

Activision's Mixed Messages is also a good party game, but I feel that a paper and pencil variety would work just as well. Passing around index cards to draw/scribble works well, right? This is the kind of program that works due to novelty factor, instead of platform. So I was rather disappointed with this one.

The game that I did went like this:
The police officer caught the vase thief.
Caught with a dead fish in hand
Marathon runner smells fishy
Faster than a speeding angry duck!

Everything is banana cream pie
Pot of butter makes curious cake
Rain proof hat means no fear of Kool-Aid!
Kool-Aid can be dangerous!

And yes, it works fine as comic strip creator, if you don't mind Black and white. Colors for NDS Homebrew is better, though. I'm waiting for Mario Paint. I think it's called Moving Notebook or something like that.

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