Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nintendo Minis March Again Upload Issues


Remember when I blogged that my Farsite and Fly levels were denied upload? Well, I made little changes since then, an extra box, moving some boxes. Things that shouldn't change the outcome, had the submission process been good. Those two levels got accepted no problem. Well, huh?

I really don't see why that is. Also, the fact that half a day separates the submissions shouldn't mean that both acceptance should be delayed past weekend. I think that there's some kind of resistance on their part since a lot of the levels are amateurish looking. I notice that my normal looking levels such as Pyramid and Cell has no such problem. It feels like that they're purposely waiting until there's flood of new levels to overwhelm my designs. Since there's no way for users to search by name or go too far in searching new levels, my designs are effectively lost as in needle in haystack. I noticed that "best" levels hasn't changed. I'm thinking that maybe it is self-fulfilling prophecy in action due to the difficulty in finding good levels. Way too many amateurish levels out there. We need a better way to highlight superior designs than limited random selections.

That's too bad. Nintendo DSi has yet to achieve mass market, so local share isn't too feasible. Minis March Again is even less than that and a collection of poor designs means internet level sharing designs a novelty rather than a draw. It has been weeks since I download a new level.

From various pieces on the Web, I gather that my position isn't unique. That there are other people being frustrated with the system as well. I hope there would be a 3rd party repository system available without limits, although considering how tightly Nintendo guards its property, that's not likely. Oh, well.

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