Wednesday, December 30, 2009

McDonald McDVision


So I ordered BigMac Avatar from McDonald. The movie is pretty good. Lots of high-tech deal. Definitely see it in 3D if you can.

The McDVision is pretty frustrating. I knew that it involved card tracking of some sort, and it works. But it's not pleasant. You have to wait for the gorgeous intro to load in its entirety before you can skip it. It takes a very long time for the plug-in to load and initialize. There's no scaling the view once it's on. And the first level is too simplistic, and I'm having trouble making the Avatar moves the forward. It kept jerking backwards, you know? Makes me wish for keyboard control.

This product has all the markings of graphic artist and computer geek all over it. Flashy, splashy, and an extremely sexy piece of technology, but ranked rather low on user interface and experience. It's not a technical issue. It's a design issue. Sigh.

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