Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Terminator Salvation Arcade


969436. That's the score I got from Terminator Salvation Arcade, here in Whitestown, IN. I was reluctant to play it, since RawThrills is the one who made it. They made cool looking games, but gameplay leaves to be desired.

Well, I appreciate that most time, there's only one threat to worry about. Still, it took me about $10 dollars to finish the game. And having finished it, I'm not too eager to repeat the experience.

Power up makes a big difference. But House of the Dead 4 has better gameplay regarding crowd scenes. But my pet peeve is that the dollar receptacle has trouble recognizing my dollar! Since there's no mechanic to reset the game over countdown, I frequently lost out due to timer, instead of lack of money. Very frustrating, indeed, yet such a little thing to implement.

Apparently, people were impressed with my shooting. I did get the high score. :)

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