Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cherry Blossoms are Blooming!


One warm day past frost,
I saw a beautiful flowering tree with
pink and white all over.

Unfortunately, as I admired this
tree that was blooming, I had regrets
that I am no horticulturist.

What is this lovely tree?
I wonder what name it answers to.
Maple? Oak? Pine? Lemon? Orange?

Nay, I say, not those.
This peculiar tree has no green leaves!
How can that possibly be?

It is an oriental tree,
I later found out via the Internet.
A pretty cherry blossom tree!

Cherry Blossom trees are blooming!
How pretty! How charming! How truly magnificent!
A tree full of flowers!

As the wind picked up,
the whole tree swayed to and fro.
Petals detached from perched branches.

And I danced and danced,
taking the joy that this tree brought.
It was raining petals everywhere.

So, back to the Internet.
Cherry Blossom festivals are held in Japan
right around sometime this month.

I sat and I wonder.
Will I ever go there to Japan
and experience it for myself.

Will I ever walk along
the petal lined cherry blossom road
underneath their lovely, pretty canopy?

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