Tuesday, September 14, 2010

KFC vs Popeye's chicken


I just can't help myself. When Popeye claims that their chicken beat KFC, I couldn't believe it! So, I tried it myself. I like KFC original recipe chicken, but comparing it with Popeye chicken is unfair, since Popeye chicken has crispy skin. So, I decided to try KFC crispy.

I prefer KFC crispy to Popeye's chicken. I think KFC tastes better, and they have better, softer skin than Popeye's. Popeye's skin is too dry for my taste. However, Popeye's cajun chicken is better than KFC crispy. In that view, Popeye is better than KFC. However, I do prefer KFC original to Popeye's. So in my view, KFC wins the taste contest. Better taste, better cooking, better chicken.

Nutritionally wise, KFC has less sodium and fat than Popeye's, which surprised me. OTOH, eating KFC reminds me of MSG. So, I don't usually eat chicken dinner. I usually eat rice dinner, with chicken on the side.

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