Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kindle for PC


I downloaded Kindle for PC from Amazon. Looks nice. It has all the features I want, none of the extras I don't want. It makes it very convenient to purchase books, and carry them. Delivery is extremely quick! So far, I have been able to confine myself to just freebies book, but I am sorely tempted by some of the offerings out there, so most likely, I will break down later and will start downloading books like crazy.

The book samples pleased me. It's not just a single chapter, but a whole lot of them. My criteria to buy is simple: If I finished the sample, and still want more, then buy! If I finish the sample and not want to buy, then don't buy! Too many good books out there for me not to buy, though. Now I'm tempted to buy the actual Kindle device. Oh, dear.

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