Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm going to split my posts into another blog. The current plan is that book, games, and movie reviews will go here. The journals, however, will go to another one. The Petit Computer Journal has been popular and I think by moving that content to another blog, with table of content page will make it easy for you to read and learn.

Another reason for splitting the blog is that YouTube, which I have been using quite heavily lately, has decided to AutoPlay all their videos. As you see, the blog main page features several posts in one web page. This has the effect of multiple videos playing simultaneously. It's very confusing at best, and bandwidth hog at worst. When the video is HD, you are in effect are downloading multiple HD videos all at once. What if you just want to see one? You can't. You have to manually click on the link to expand just that one page. After that, all the next posts are gone, and there goes the advantage of multiple posting on a page.

That's why on my next BlogSpot, it will not feature YouTube videos, except by link that you need to click on. I will do my best to post pictures on it, though, so that you don't have to suffer watching my videos if you can just look at the pictures. I do have a very low video production quality values, as I simply use what is convenient, instead of what's proper. Video professionals will no doubt go blind looking at my very bad lighting. :)

Anyway, don't expect more Petit Computer Journal in this blog. Go to my other one, instead.

Thank you for reading.

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