Thursday, March 20, 2008

TuxPaint Sketches


The neat thing about My EEE PC is that it is compact and portable, and also quick to boot and shutdown. The other thing is that once I attached a Wacom Graphic Tablet on it, it works great as a quick doodler! The unfortunate thing about it is that aside from the lack of good built-in paint program, I have forgotten how to draw.

That's not strictly true. What is true is that drawing on a Tablet, and seeing the result elsewhere, such as the computer screen is equivalent to drawing blindfolded, which means, I don't know how to draw! First effort was, how to put it mildly, total junk. Fortunately, I have been active with BigBrain Academy DS with its Connect the Dot program. I use that to spring board to my skill on the tablet. It also helps a lot that the stylus can be detected somewhere above the pad itself.

So, what happens is that I can practice my drawing skills, and that involved, among other things, tracing existing pictures. You can see the result, pretty good, if I may say so myself. That was from ImagineFX Manga edition. Highly recommended reading. Robbie the Robot is a standard character I use whenever I want to doodle. The line in black was traced. Other colors was original. I really like that frog.

I'll probably be posting more about how to draw. It involves a few practice exercises plus lots of repetition, more like 1000+.

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