Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nintendo DS lite for everyone!


I think everybody should get one of these Nintendo DS lite. They cost $129.99 if I remember correctly. They won't get cheaper than that. I'm thinking that I should get two or three of these devices.

Before you think of all the time I'll be wasting on these things, you should see my library. Sure I have Naruto game. And the fact that these play old GBA games means I can play those games as well. But most of the time, I'm doing Big Brain. And it is the one game I recommend everyone should get. They're selling a bundle for it now.

My other cartridges are Japanese coach, chinese coach, and Let's Yoga! There are also Spanish, English, and SAT. In addition, if you go homebrew, there's also Colors, DS Organize, and e-book. My next purchase is going to be DS Korg synthesizer.

Oh, isn't Nintendo all about gaming? Yes, they are, or rather, they were. I always say that Nintendo DS Lite has great form factor. Connectivity, touch screen, portability. I can just imagine the lower touch screen being used as virtual keyboard while the top screen as computer screen. Can we say OLPC cheap computer?

The new DS is coming out. It'll have a camera as well. Can we say Internet Phone? Rumor has it, it'll come with a web browser. Now, if somebody would make a text editor, spreadsheet, database, and maybe BASIC, for it, then I'd really be happy!

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