Friday, December 5, 2008

Nintendo news


Apparently, the new Nintendo DS will have 2 built-in cameras! And not only that, opera web browser is built-in! Does that mean Wifi video conference is planned anytime soon?

Looking at other news, it seems so. Wii speak will include all new Wii Speak Channel. This merit a follow up later. It's good for people to connect with each other. I shudder at the expected bandwidth requirements, though. Hopefully, spam won't be an issue.

A new Prince of Persia game for NDS is out. There should be a downloadable demo on DS download station. It's made by Ubisoft, though. Great titles, but execution is somewhat flawed. I kept finding minor bugs with their titles.

There's a gardening game? Gardening Mama of Cooking Mama fame. I wonder how that would work. Growth rate of plant is not exactly speedy.

Phantasy Star 0 seems nice. Not for US release, though. But just in case, I'll mark it for watching. Looks like a fun game for DS.

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