Friday, December 19, 2008

Steak 'n Shake


So, I stopped by Steak and Shake on Lincoln, IL. The place looks nice enough. Good crowd. But service is lousy. I end up just leaving. No tip is given. I don't know why. Usually service is nice, you know?

As far as the food, it's somewhat okay. The bun looks terrible. The meat was overcooked on the outside. The bacon felt like rubber, signifying undercooked. The tomato was sliced too thin. Notice that there is no french fries! For the price, I expected Hardee's or Arby's quality. This is even worse than McDonald, yet more expensive!

Overpriced food. Uncaring servers and cooks. It makes me wonder why people come to this place as Godfather's Pizza is just across the street, which is where I'll be next time. Anywhere but here.

This could be an anomaly Steak 'n Shake. But as this is my first impression of this chain, I'm forced to conclude that all Steak 'n Shake restaurants are like this.

I finished the food and I'm still hungry. At least in a real restaurant, I won't be leaving hungry. The food is just so overpriced, you know? Not enough value.


Anonymous said...

Steak & Shake aren't what they were 25 years ago... The chain started in Bloomington, IL, about 35 miles North of Lincoln. The residents of Lincoln were excited years ago when learning the chain was opening here. Now it's just slow fast food. Burgers on a plate instead of wrapped in paper!

Simpleton Geek said...

I hope they get their act together. It's very easy to spend money when the going is good. If Wendy's down the street is any smarter, they would have done comparison advertising to snatch customers away. Thanks for the background info. I really appreciate it. Godfather pizza was pretty good, when I frequent them a while back. I hope they're still good. I haven't been there in a while. They're not in my usual area of operation.