Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Minis March Again Level Design


I have designed several more levels. My favorite was 2 Tower. It is incredibly simple, yet amazing in its complexity. What complexity, you ask? Do you know that it is possible to solve it several different ways? All my levels are like that.

Most of Minis March Again that is user uploaded is too amateurish to me. 1 solution. Or maybe lightly modified existing level. It's kind of annoying to see your well-designed levels get rejected. Or ignored. I had only 5 downloads before the floods of new uploads swept it off the list. I did get 5 stars out of it.

There are several ways to play Pinacola 2Tower:
Easy: Start right Mario. Up right tower. Up left tower. Down in the middle. Start left Mario and plop them at the same time.
Moderate: Ditto, but start with left Mario.
Speed: Start right Mario up right tower, while at the same time, start left Mario up left tower. Once left Mario hit the top. Bring them both down simultaneously. This is kind of hard to pull, but not impossible. My score on this is 13320, and that's not the best possible.
2Box Challenge: Complete the level using only 2 pink boxes. The speed method on the 2 box version includes some tricky timings on the 2 Marios. I haven't been able to run it simultaneously.

I usually put in DropOnly challenge, where once you put down a pink box, you don't pick it up. But it is clearly impossible in this case, looking at the right tower.

And I said "was" my fav. I designed a Pyramid level that is quite fun. Not very challenging, though. Apparently, fun and difficulty level are 2 different things. I'll upload it next time I'm on Wifi point.

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