Friday, July 31, 2009

Pinacola Cell


More of custom made level for Minis March Again, a DSiWare for Nintendo DSi.

This level design is more of traditional type, dictated by the placement of the pipes.

Help! Princess Peach has been imprisoned in a dungeon guarded by a big mean gorilla! It's up to you to rescue her!

Easy: Start right Mario up the levels, step on both switches. Bring the Princess to collect the card and wait for Marios. Bring them up to yellow pipe and to exit the level.
Speed: Start both Marios at once. Skip the yellow switch. Time it with the Princess.
DropOnly: Use left Mario. Spring him up. Hit both switches. Time the Princess to collect the card. Up yellow pipe to exit.

NoTouch: Put down all the pink boxes in the beginning and do not touch them during play.
1Box: It is possible to do it with only 1 box. The timing is very tight. For the longest time, I thought it's possible with 2 boxes. However, I recently discovered a way to do it with just 1 box.

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