Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pinacola Farsite


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My Farsite submission has been denied. That's too bad since Hill submission has been accepted and Farsite is a much more polished level design that Hill. Hill has been downloaded once. I had expected a few. I also noticed that most of the level designs feels amateurish with very few professional quality design. I wonder why? I certainly hope it's not professional jealousy. The refusal did not come with explanation, so I don't know. I do wish they let me know in someway what's wrong with it.

There are several ways to solve Farsite:

Easy: Use Mario on the right side to go up the pipe, collect the card, and collect coins on the way to the bottom.

Speed: Start 1 Mario on the left of ladder. When it reaches the top of the ladder, start the green pipe Mario. Playing through the levels will make them meet at the bottom. Let the green pipe Mario climb up to the second level to meet 1st Mario. Use the stop sign to change direction. 3rd Mario will activate to the proper direction to exit.

DropOnly: You can put boxes down, but you can't pick them up.

TakeOnly: Put all boxes down in the beginning. You can pick them up, but not put them down during play.

1Box: Start green pipe mario up the pipe, use the block to send it back down. Up the stairs, putting in blocks as you go. Collect the cards, and down the pipe. At the bottom, go up to 2nd level. 2nd and 3rd Mario will activate to exit.

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