Friday, September 11, 2009



Maybe it's just me, but I've seen too many examples of people of current generation that doesn't know anything, yet think they are everything. In some circles, this is called "pre-battle swagger". That is, they think they are some superhero until they got pushed into a battle. Then they turn to mice and cower, endangering the mission and everybody involved.

Regarding computer programming, it seems that these kids cannot do anything unless the function they need is in the pull down menu. I mean, who cannot do that? Given a sophisticated enough library, even a stupid monkey can do that. Yet, these kids would have their swagger and say that their "program" is better than anyone's. Excuse me?

My generation learned how to program VCR using only two buttons and Japlish for instruction. Programming is done with line numbers on every line. Forget syntax coloring. You'll be lucky to have a full screen editor. Most of the time, you simply retype the line, using the line number as reference. We learned how to write our program on paper. That is, we learned how to program our computer without a computer. Kids today are so spoiled, when Twitter when down for a few hours awhile back, these kids were literallly in a daze. How about that? No back up procedure?

I think these kids needs growing up. I wonder if forcing them to go back to manual typewriter would help? Either that or stick them in the woods in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a knife, water bottle, and first aid kit. Until they learn how to function without food for 24 hours, don't say you know how to live. Better learn how to make fire without matches!

If people for thousands of years ago can build fire without matches, why can't empowered people today can't? Afterall, they don't need anything more that a steelwool and a 9 volt battery, right?

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