Friday, September 18, 2009

Microsoft Update


I am quite curious as to what kind of update does Microsoft have that requires a whole scan of hard disk to do? I completed Kageyama daily exercise, clean up, and other things, and this thing still running? Considering that it is a laptop and that I'm on-the-go person, this is very annoying?

It reminds me that AOL update that took 45 min when all someone wants to do is check a quick email in the morning. I think that a long update should have a warning box so the user can schedule the update conveniently. This smacks amateurism all over.

The phrase "Installing update 8 of 11" is poor form. Obviously it would be better to show the update name itself, and tell the user the log file of the history of update. Better still, if it informs the user the different components and/or steps involved.

So, what kind of update takes so long that it allows me to write a long rant email post blog and still not finished?

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