Friday, September 11, 2009

Travelling Places


I guess I just don't understand people who enjoy travel to exotic places and eat exotic food. Myself, I am of the practicioner of "Eat to live, not live to eat." But then again, I am constantly surrounded by people with large bellies. At my last check in, I was pushing 170. My normal weight is 160, so I'm over a few pounds. I like to believe those are muscle gains, but somehow, I don't think they're all muscle gain.

Anyway, one of the interesting places my boss wants me to go is Quebec, Canada. I guess I know why they're asking everyone whether or not we have passports.

Quebec? They speak French over there! I can just see it now, due to ignorance of the language, I'd get lost and would end up in their jail. I mean, Canada is a nice country, and I'm not DUI or anything like that, but language is tricky business. I certainly don't want to say "Oui" when they asked me whether or not I'm a terrorist. :)

Having stuck for 6 hours on the border house isn't too fun, either.

Still, I did talk to people in my travel, and I get to hear about other places. Some places I'd like to visit someday.

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