Thursday, November 19, 2009

Belle Plain KS McDonald


I think this McDonald in Belle Plain Service Plaza, Kansas has some weird vibe about it. I was ordering my food, but then the change is only $3. "Didn't I give you a twenty?"

"Nope. You gave me a $10" He showed me a very tired $10 bill I've never seen before.

Since I didn't really look at the bill I gave him, I cannot say for certain that he cheated me. OTOH, I keep all my $20s together. I have partition wallet, and I pulled the money from that side of the wallet where I keep all my ATM money. It is possible that a $20 bill may end up on the small bill partition if it comes from $50 bill as change, but change do not enter that partition, as I use it to meter my weekly expenditures.

Well, when in doubt, never come back here again.

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