Monday, November 30, 2009

MySims Camera DSiWare Review



Who wants to pose virtual people onto your pictures? Nobody, that's who. At least that's what I thought. Obviously, I was wrong.

When I first read the description of MySims Camera, I wondered how they could possibly do 3D poses and animation yet maintain ease-of-use and convenience. It turns out that the poses are canned, and that the animation are really on the preview only. However, it works very well. There are quite a bit of animation that you can choose from. If you look at that flying Superman pose, that's actually swimming animation. The sideways portrait is actually not supported. The rotation doesn't permit it, so only one pose is possible.

The most important thing is: Do I have fun? Surprisingly, yes I do. I don't even play Sims. I don't have any of the game. However, the character selection, even limited to 7, is terrific, and I keep smiling at the result. Therefore, it is very well worth the price of $2.

You can, of course, create a series of MySims inspired notebook. But it also functions well as a comic creator, even if you have to drag Photo Graffiti to the process. Can you take a picture of a calendar and add MySims character to it? Can you make MySims themed playing cards? Yes and yes. For two dollars? This is great!

There is also a tie-in with existing MySims games. Supposedly there will be new characters. Unknown to me is whether the poses library will also be expanded. However, as I said before, I don't play the game, and I don't have any. So the question now is, will I get MySims Kingdom or MySims Agent?

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Simpleton Geek said...

I now have MySims Kingdom, and I plugged in the cart with MySims. King Roland appears! Just one? I was hoping the program will be able to scan the data on the cart and gave me a whole bunch of characters. Sigh.

I was wrong about 7 characters. There was only 6 in the original. Violet's different hairstyles confused me at first.

The pose list are:
1. Walk
2. Run
3. Sit
4. Talk
5. Laugh
6. Angry
7. Sad
8. Refuse
9. Surprised
10. Dizzy
11. Celebrate
12. Cossack Dance
13. Fitness
14. Warm Up
15. Nap
16. Swim
17. Pose
18. DJ Candy
19. Chaz McFreely
20. Chef Gino
21. Violet
22. Ginny
23. Morcubus
24. King Roland
25. MC Emi
26. Sir Charles
27. Joshua
28. Joshua#2
29. Chaz McFreely#2
30. Violet#2

So my guess is that the extra characters are King Roland, MC Emi, Sir Charles, and Joshua. The original duplicated characters are Chaz McFreely and Violet, which the other reviewers counted as separate characters and thus counted 8 characters.