Monday, November 1, 2010

Big Christmas Toy Book


I am looking at ToysRus "The Great Big Christmas BOOK", where they have all kinds of wonderful toys listed inside. Wow. I can't even imagine the sophistication of toy industry when I was young. Kids today are so spoiled.

A few highlights:

TOMICA Hypercity Super Big Set
Hypercity! Super Big! Wow. And it only costs $59.99! Manufacturing costs certain have come down lately. Lot's of toys like that. $10 more for the Mega Station Set.

Zhu Zhu Pets/Kung Zhu Pets
I think this is going to be the next big thing in toys. No, I don't know why.

Elmo: Tickle Me, Rock&Roll, Potty
I can understand Tickle Me and Rock&Roll. I don't understand Potty. Since when Potty humor is appropriate for children?

IMAGINARIUM: Medieval Castle, Grand View Dollhouse
I find it strange that Medieval Castle costs $79.99, but Grand View Dollhouse costs $224.99. It's a 3 story, taller than the kid doll house. Kids today are so spoiled.

Lots of LEGO Star Wars, and MEGA BLOKS Halo. Am I the only person who is concerned that extremely young children are exposed to what is essentially a terrible, violent war theme?

MATTEL Mindflex
If this really works, I think some wheelchair bound people will be very interested in technology!

CRAYOLA Masterwork Art Case
200 Art supplies for $24.99. I'm not even going to comment on this thing. It's really cheap for the price.

Lots of Kitchen play set
I can't help but think that a similar set is sold by camping stores, but really usable, and packable for tailgating purposes, instead of just pretend play.

DIPPIN' DOTS: Frozen dot maker
I love DIPPIN' DOTS. But I thought those are chilled using liquid Nitrogen. If this really works, though, I'm thinking of getting one.

BARBIE: Digital Nail Printer
Ugh. I wish they put on a warning before turning the page. The pink is overwhelming! Anyway, they have Digital Fingernail Printer for $149.99. I don't know what it is with girls and painted nails, but they seem to be enjoying it. Don't you think sticker pasted on your face would be more eye catching? Larger size after all. Bigger is better! Why stop with fingernails?

BARBIE: Video Girl Doll
I am a REAL working video camera. You know, of all the product I think Barbie makes, I don't think that they'd actually put a camera inside a doll. I'm okay with Barbie licensed video camera, but somehow, putting privacy invasion device in a little girl's toy seems wrong.

SPY NET Video Watch/Snake Spy Cam
This is the boys' equivalent of Video camera and I think it makes more sense. The flexible cabling that is Snake Spy Cam is useful in finding out what's going on inside clogged plumbing, for example. Ewww. Did I just say that?

Paper Jamz Guitar
Silly me, I thought it was an expensive cardboard. It's real guitar sounding toy. Another best seller, I think.

AIR HOGS: Hawk Eye
I actually have this. Pretty cool! There is no hover, and it's no good in windy situation. Otherwise, it works well.

Various guns. I'm very much tempted to get the sniper rifle version. The longest Nerf ever. Probably just for show, though, as the weak spring means that the distance will still be limited to about 30 feet or so.

AIR ZONE Punisher
I admit that I'm somewhat worried about that mini-Gattling gun shooting 30 darts in 20 second. I think that there should be a line defining toys and non-toys.

RAZOR: E300 Scooter, Ground Force Drifter, Dirt Quad
Okay, these are no longer toys. I wonder what's the range on these things, and whether or not they make electric skate board?

Are you sure these are toys? FM radio, headlights, seatbelts. Kids today are SO spoiled!

APPLE: 32GB iPod touch
No, I'm not kidding. ToysRUs is selling Apple iPod touch for $299.99! FaceTime? I thought that requires phone connection? How does that work? Are these supposed to be for kids?

ASUS: Eee PC 1001 HA
Netbook for $269.99. I have to think about this. Laptop prices are so much lower these days, that I have to think about getting myself a netbook.

XBOX 360: Kinect
I know Microsoft has a tradition of having senior people use the product before releasing it to the public, but somehow I'm having trouble picturing Steve Ballmer jumping up and down in testing this thing.

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