Monday, November 22, 2010



I had a dream last night, and it disturbed me greatly. In it, I was filling a computer form like I usually do, and at the first line, top of screen, it says "FAREWELL Y/N".

Obviously, this is travel related. I was surfing the web quite a bit, but especially TSA website, and what I see there does not please me. It seems that a lot of people are upset about TSA procedure, and will be driving up to 800 miles this weekend.

Folks, that is dangerous! I'm okay because I regularly drive long distance, but most people are bored silly. That is when accident most likely to happen. Not to mention that just this Sunday, shopping and picking up the mail, I saw no less than 5 dangerous drivers swiping at my car.

So, please, if you can fly this Thanksgiving week, please do so. It won't be pleasant, but it won't be pleasant for me as well. I will be packing especially light this week. I suggest you do,too.

If you choose to drive, here's a few tip:
1. Always be alert. Take twice as many breaks as needed.
2. Always obey the speed limit. And stop signs.
3. Buckle up, and turn off your phone.
4. Eat well. Drink lots of water. Easy on cofee.
5. Carry winter emergency kit. Be prepared.
6. Take your time. Be patient. Better be late than never.
7. Drive extremely defensively. Leave lots of room to maneuver.

Please be safe out there, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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