Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nearly to die


I have another one of those dream. A warning light box, colored blue, say "Nearly to die". It lit up quite bright, and yes, it was directed at me, no question. I woke up soon after. What a way to wake up at Thanksgiving day.

Life's a pickle. It's easy to die because someone else screw up. You can be the safest driver on the road, but if other people want to hit your car, they'll be able to do so. Saw too many accidents yesterday, much more than usual. I wonder what will hold for today?

Ah, well. Nearly doesn't mean absolutely. It doesn't mean future or past. Who knows? Only God does. Life can be terminated at a moment's notice. Heart attack and all that. It's important to be prepared to go anytime. Got any sins that needs forgiving? Better do it right now!

It's too bad people are too focused on one thing. They don't consider side effects. They don't listen. John Pistole essay on USA Today for example, says that we need the procedure beause it is safe. He is deaf to the complaints that it is invasive. Yes, it's safer, but people aren't complaining that it isn't safe. People are complaining that it's rude, invasive, immoral, and in conflict with religious beliefs.

Muslims should've been provided with Imam approved inspector; Jews, Rabbi. Instead of aggressive pat down, how about just wear a swim suit and strip to that? Is there any exemption to pilots and foreign dignitaries? Is the hidden inspector viewing the image a certified medical professional? These would have alleviated most complaints.

Instead, John Pistole provided statistic that says 4 out of 5 like the full body scanner. That means 20 percent dislike it. Yet, 99 percent prefer to go through body scanner? Does that mean lots of people aren't flying anymore? That explains the fact that I see much more accidents than usual.

I'm also having trouble making the statement that "passengers are fully screened" with the statement "3 percent goes thru aggressive pat down." Seems to me that most people are going thru metal detector instead of the x-ray one. I thought the metal detector can't detect plastic explosive? People aren't screen properly, I think.

TSA need better management. It is rather shameful that the screeners can't tell what Nexus and TWIC cards are. It's obvious the mandate didn't go down properly, when it should have. This should've been a non-issue. I wonder if the managers are going to be replaced anytime soon?

If it was me, I'd have taken the privatisation issue as body blow. It'd be as if the airport fired me, which is the case. Even the hated FMCSA has it's rule challenged, not the organisation itself. When lots of people call for TSA to be abolished, including Congress, I think that's a clear indication that you screw up. If that isn't, then what is?

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