Monday, May 21, 2012

Rayman Demo Nintendo 3DS

I just downloaded Rayman demo from Nintendo eShop. I had to update the system to do so, but I was so anticipating the demo. Rayman was very popular in its day.

The graphics are very nice. The frame rate is extremely smooth. The art style is very friendly. Overall feeling is that this is a very polished piece of software.

Unfortunately, I ran into high difficulty level immediately. This hard level of difficulty is supposed to sell more units? I doubt it.

Of course, this difficulty level is actually on par to what was then. About the same. It just goes to show you that as I get more sophisticated in my gaming taste, I become more discerning. So, unfortunately, I won't be buying this game.

Which is too bad. Even Earthworm Jim comes with easier to play difficulty level. In fact, if you look at the Kid Icarus game, the difficulty level is pitch-perfect, simply because you get to set it to very fine levels.

So, please, if you write/implement old games for modern day players, then please include selectable difficulty levels! Even id's Doom has it. Why can't you?

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