Monday, May 28, 2012

Snail Sam Rescue!

My not-so-good attempt at pitching a new game...

A game that features a hero mowing down bad guys, moving from left to right, with some jumping involved. Also, some platforms are moving. Erm. That's just about everything before.
Wait! Add rotational and 3D effects! Um, that's just so generic.
Okay, okay. You want original? Here goes:
Sweet Susie, Snail Sam's Sweetheart, has been Snail-napped! It is up to you to rescue her from the dreaded fate of being salted! Have Snail Sam upgrade his trusty Snail Scooter to various vehicles including, but not limited to School Bus, Soap Box, and Bikes with polygonal wheels. Successfully navigate hazardous environment such as discarded gum, dried soda, and melting ice cream on the porch(for sale on e-bay!). Have access to different weapons including Cows, Skunks, and Chihuahuas! Defeat various Bad Guys such as Postman, Teen DJ, and Old Ladies Pushing Carts Across the Parking Lot.
Will Sweet Susie be rescued? Will Snail Sam be flattened by careless walkers? It's up to you, young heroes! Hurry up and slime your way to Sweet Susie!

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