Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ronald McDonald is better than you!

Ronald McDonald is better than you. Yes, the clown. That red, white and yellow fast food joint clown. No, really. I'm serious.

I was eating at a McDonald restaurant one day, and in walked a clown. I was like "What?! Ronald McDonald?!" He scanned the room quickly and said, "Hi everybody! I'm Ronald McDonald!" Everybody turned around and applauded.

He then made a speech about how he represents the food chain, and that if there's any a question or concern, that people should let him know. While he was making this speech, I sensed a genuine interest and concern coming from him.

Then he walked to a window, and while he was doing it, I sensed a tiredness coming from him. No doubt from his busy schedule.

Then he talked about how there will be children coming in the next day, and that he is going to prepare the place for the occasion. As he talked, I detected a sense of protectiveness around the children. This man really cares about the children.

Then he posed, and I snapped a picture. Then he was off to see the manager for the preparation day the next day.

The whole thing lasted for about a minute!

I have seen people as caring, hard-working, and loving the children as this clown, but I have never seen it done as quickly as he did. In that one minute, in my eyes, he went from corporate mouth-speak to a really, really impressive goodwill ambassador.

There aren't that many people in the world who can impress me in one minute. So, yes, I can say with confidence that Ronald McDonald is better than you.

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