Saturday, February 9, 2008

Big Brain DS weight

It's been a surprise this week due to vast improvement across the board. Last week, I noted 12 improvements. This week, I get 29! That's amazing. Get in Shape and Cube Game is no surprise, since I've been practicing them, but the rest are. If I can consistently get above 400 scores, then there is a good chance that I can be King! It is the last title possible.

I'm glad that I'm keeping score. I wouldn't know how much improvement otherwise. This is great! I also get full Platinum on Compute, Identify, and Think. Memorize and Analyze, almost there. Just one category left. It's all due to finger speed, now.

Category Activity Easy Norm Hard
Compute P
Coin Parison 471 472 513
Add Agency *373 *391 *421
Written Math *358 *410 *448

Identify P
Shadow Shift 430 438 504
Get in Shape *539 *590 *543
Match Maker *393 417 465

Think P
Heavy Weight *512 *511 *480
Path Finder *461 473 *508
Bone Yard *398 *430 446

Sound Bites P348 387 395
Flash Memory P 392 *413 *401
Memo Random P *464 *414 *438

Missing Link *389 439 P*460
Cube Game P *566 *553 *541
Animal Lines P 381 *492 *508

Ace 2023g An Inventor

I found a new technique in Shadow Shift. I memorized the shapes, noted which one is missing, and marked the rest really quick. I will have to practice that technique more.

I wonder if we can say that Ace is top 5 percenter, and King is top 1 percenter.

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