Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Brain Score

There's a lot of improvements this week. I have now achieved the full 45 platinum status. Also my brain now weights at 2083 g. That is a lot of weight. My brain feels really heavy!

Haha, not really. However, I do notice something very interesting as I broke the 2000 g barrier. That is, as I whiz by the Get in Shape activity, I felt that my brain has better speed than usual. It's as if my brain is in the zone, a state where I have greater physical prowess and awareness. Afterwards, I noticed that my GPS ran kind of slow.

Obviously, my GPS does not run slower, which means that my brain now operates at higher efficiency than before. I say this before, and I'll say this again: Nintendo Big Brain Academy DS is a good thing to give to your kids to help them develop their brain and talent. I would give the DS version better mark than Wii version simply because the goal isn't great graphics, but mental faculty. The DS version is portable and therefore you can practice it any time and anywhere.

Only 18 improvements this week, but my potential for King status is solidified. Alas, no improvrment in Compute category. There's a chance I'll improve on Written Math, so I'll concentrate on that. Boneyard also saw some improvements.

Ace 2083 g an investor

Category Activity Easy Norm Hard
Coin Parison 471 472 513
Add Agency 373 391 421
Written Math 358 410 448
Shadow Shift 430 *452 504
Get In Shape *573 *675 *700
Match Maker 393 *452 *483
HeavyWeight 512 *543 480
Pathfinder 461 473 *566
Boneyard *400 *459 *473
Sound Bites 348 *411 *455
Flash Memory 392 413 401
Memorandom 464 419 438
Missing Link *390 *456 *549
Cube Game 566 *588 *547
Animal Lines 381 492 508

Hmmm. I wonder if Nintendo has a Big Brain T shirt with write your brain weight type of deal.

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