Monday, February 4, 2008

Big Brain Score

It occurs to me that lately, all I've been doing is posting some Big Brain Academy DS scores. I've also started on other things, but I guess I'm kind of addicted to this game for now. I also played some Metroid Prime Hunter DS, but I kind of give up at their timed-jumping puzzle. I did get past it, but the whole thing left some unpleasant taste, that I decided to abandon it until I can get my hands on some guide book.

I also played Naruto: Ninja Council 3. The game play is simplistic, but it does capture Shonen Jump atmosphere perfectly. Unfortunately, they somehow forget to include a "Retry" option, so re-starting a mission is a big pain. I don't play that game that much either. Maybe after some guidebook.

Well, if you can see the pattern, I don't like games that purposely or accidentally throw something that gets in the way of fun. Big Brain Academy games may be simplistic, but it has this ridiculous quality of "one-more-time" addictiveness that makes me happily forgets other things.

Anyway, I'm still miffed that I don't get Platinum medals in some activities although I have higher scores than others. Also, I noticed that improvement is hard to get this time around. Started to get into some kind of ceiling. Still, there are activities that I'd thought I'd maxed out, but broke through, like Heavy Weight, for example.

I am getting very close to 2000g level. I will definitely celebrate when that happens.

Big Brain Score 2/3/08

Activity Easy Norm Hard
P-Coin-Parison 417 472 *513
Add Agency 336 340 *355
Written Math 349 358 362
Shadow Shift 430 438 *504
Get in Shape *494 567 500
Match Maker 376 417 *465
Heavyweight 446 430 420
Pathfinder P431 P*473 454
P-BoneYard 396 407 446
Sound Bite P348 387 395
Flash Memory P392 389 397
MemoRandom P457 392 360
Missing Link *380 *439 P458
Cube Game P*516 P*492 *484
Animal Lines P381 *437 468

A 1888g Leonardo da Vinci
25 Platinum Medals

I can see improvements in Identify and Analyze, Think will have to have some breakthrough techniques, I think. Alas, Compute and Memorize seems to be maxed out. Especially Memorize, although Compute isn't too good either.

I've started to memorize the keypad. That gives me a little edge in putting in the numbers faster. Yes, it has come to the quickness of the data entry.

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