Monday, January 14, 2008

Big Brain DS Score


I got myself Big Brain game Saturday. I pretty much got all the gold medals in one day. One battery charge is all it takes. I guess I was disappointed. Then again I think I can improve my scores.

My brain size was 1444 g in one day, so I guess that represent my raw talent. Here is my score on the second day:
Activity Easy Normal Hard
Coin-parison 314 337 402
Add Agency 306 327 290
Written Math 296 350 316
Shadow Shift 353 349 339
Get in Shape 354 348 409
Match maker 342 340 319
Heavyweight 380 302 296
Pathfinder 295 279 330
Boneyard 325 327 387
Sound Bits 318 334 348
Flash Memory 333 341 337
Memo Random 336 328 314
Missing Link 303 291 296
Cube Game 391 358 324
Animal Links 337 347 390

I was doing poorly on Coin-parison until I found out a way to put numbers on them. I kept confusing nickels and quarters, you see. Written Math is okay. Good for speed readers.

Shadow shift is kind of annoying because sometimes the shadow is buried under other shapes. They should fix that.

I think I'm maxing Heavyweight. The last puzzle was filled with 3 stuff per plate. Kind of hard to count that.

Sound bits is a bit tricky since I think some of the tempo is really quick on later stages. I end up missing beats. Same goes with Flash Memory. MemoRandom is about perfect though. Also, I hate it that Sound bits do not match up the positions upper and lower screens. It makes it harder to play Simple Simon.

Missing Link is nice, but on later pictures, the dots are so packed, it's difficult to check for orientation. Cube game reminds me of old IQ test I had to take. I scored 161, because the test do not score above 160. I wonder what my score means IQ wise.

This seems like a good game to develop your thinking, analysing, counting, pattern recognition, and memorizibg talent. Good to give the kids.

A final note: sometimes I found a new technique, but it ends up slower because it's new. Will have to practise for a few weeks before passing final judgement.

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