Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't throw your baby into the river

I was getting some junk food and approaching the counter when I saw some animated conversation. This was on Topeka Service Plaza Toll road. Curiosity got the best of me.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. Probably not the best question to pose to strangers.

"Well, you know the story a few weeks back about the woman who threw her baby into the river? It happened again, this time in Hawaii."

I purchased the newspaper right away. The Topeka Capital-Journal dated January 18, 2008. Turns out it was some man in hospital scrub throwing a baby boy from a highway overpass. Still same idea, though. The man was arrested.

Why would anyone commit infanticide like that? I do not know. It does remind me an old story. It was from Mahabharata.

There was a king who was in love with a pretty woman. The woman agreed to marry the king but with one condition: No question asked about her past. The king agreed and they got married. Soon she bore a child, which she promptly threw into the river. This happened six times, to the king's horror. The seventh child was born and the king stopped the woman from throwing the baby into the river.

"why would you do such a thing? Killing your own child!" the king cried.

The woman explained that there were these 7 gods who were exiled to the earth for their sin. They have to live their live as ordinary men until they die, at which time their sin would be forgiven and they'll be allowed back into heaven. She made a deal with them to shorten their lives as short as possible.

"and now, dear king, since you've broken your promise not to ask any question, I can do no more. There is this baby which you saved. Please raise him well. His name is Khrisna." upon saying those words, the woman thus flew into heaven, leaving the crying baby in the king's arm.

Khrisna is a Hindu God, and in this Christian country, people sometimes forget that there are religions who believe in reincarnation and Gods. Buddhism and Hindu are some religions other than Christian and Islam. Another one would be wiccan and pagan. Jewish is still another. I'm not familiar with all these different religions. I'm having enough trouble distinguishing different Christian sects. Would you believe some Christians don't go to church? The Amish, as far as I know, do not. They do hold services in their home, but they view churches as a commercial entity and should be avoided. What does the Bible say?

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