Monday, June 1, 2009

Always Innovating Touch Screen Netbook


I just read this in. Always Innovating is launching a very cool Touch Screen Netbook. It's still in production, and I believe they're still ironing out the production bugs. However, enough is leaked out that I think I should be watching for this closely.

It's $299 tablet or $399 if you want an optional detachable keyboard. Yes, I want that detachable keyboard, since it also contains extra batteries that allows it to run for 15 hours! I can get a lot of work done with that kind of performance. I can just imagine taking it camping and enjoy some fresh air and nature, and doodles, write poetry, and not have to worry about battery life.

I do hope it has some kind of programing language built-in. Even if it is a simple FreeBasic or TrueBasic. Computer programming really isn't that difficult, unless it's Microsoft Windows programming. That's the result of Window's complexity. Linux isn't that difficult. I hardly ever have to drop to terminal mode anymore. Then again, I haven't been using my drawing pad with it much ever since I got Colors on my DS. I'd like to have it with NDSi so I can just connect to the Web and upload images without having to pull the card out of the device. Having a Basic programming language on DS would be desirable, also.

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