Monday, June 1, 2009



I guess I really don't take to Twitter too well. I know lots of people taken to them well, but 140 characters? Looking at my posts, I exceeded that by a wide margin. Excuse me, but I like to explain my statements. Still, I wonder how well I'd do with brief messages. Let's try a few:

Always Innovating TouchBook: Detachable Keyboard. 15 HR battery life. Magnet on back! Stick it to refrigerator, iron cabinet, or car!
(Lose a lot of messages in that)

Websites suck! 400kb page! 16 cookies ads! Forced Flash and JavaScript! I want text only and I want it now! Give me Browsable Web Twitter or off to brick book store I go!
(Really doesn't explain the significance of the problem)

Google Map: Forced upgrade. Cool feature. GPS compatible. Must avoid temptation. Area 51. Akihabara. Kawai! No! Must-Resist-Temptation! Maid Cafe! Oooooooh!
(Ok, that one might work. But original post is short also.)

Random Life Lesson: Never take a turn signal on a big 18 wheeler truck as a challenge to race your car to pass it before the truck initiates lane change when your car is located behind farther than 3 truck lengths, regardless whether your car is a Formula One racer or an overloaded SUV.
(Yes, that's real. I saw it happens often. Suicidal maniacs!)

Random Life Lesson: Touching the Ground plug hole will not save you when you decide to touch the Positive and Negative plug holes with your fingers.
(No, that's not real. I just made that up.)

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